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View a replay of this session here

View a replay of this session here

View a replay of this session here


Always wanted to learn the secrets of travel hacking but don’t know where to start? Dream of traveling the world without selling your house? Want to find your future life partner?

Come for The Milelion’s awesome workshops, where two of those three outcomes are guaranteed.

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Here’s a list of what’s brewing:

Credit Card Rewards Demystified

In this session, you’ll learn about the two main types of credit card rewards (miles and cashback), cover the fundamental principles of miles-earning credit cards, learn how to choose a card and how to derive your personal valuation of miles. You’ll also learn about crafting an accelerated miles earning strategy that works for you, and some lesser-known ways of earning miles even without a credit card.


Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the two main types of credit card rewards: miles and cashback
  • Learning the fundamentals of miles-earning credit cards
  • Cutting through the clutter by learning and weighing the key decision criteria for choosing a miles card
  • Learning how to derive your personal valuation of miles
  • Crafting an accelerated miles-earning strategy that works for you
  • Discovering some lesser-known ways of accumulating miles even without credit cards

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Frequent Flyer Programs Demystified

In this session, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of frequent flyer programs. What loyalty program should you join? What can (and should) you redeem your miles for? How do you get the flights you want, and the cabin products you want? Should you use your miles for upgrades, or full awards? And just how does the SQ waitlist work, anyway?

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning the fundamentals of frequent flyer programs and airline alliances
  • Deciding which frequent flyer program makes sense for you
  • Discovering the benefits of elite membership and how to earn it faster
  • Taking a deep dive into KrisFlyer and learn what you can (and should) redeem your miles for
  • Learning how to improve your flying experience by redeeming your miles for the right cabin products
  • Learning about non-flight redemption options for your miles
  • Understanding how to improve your chances of getting award seats

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Hotel Hacks

In this session, you’ll learn all about how to upgrade your stays without downsizing your wallet. Should you book through an OTA or directly on the hotel’s website? How can you get hotel elite status (and the lovely benefits it brings) without actually having to stay 50, 60 nights a year? How are hotel awards different from airline awards, and why might you be interested in buying hotel points? How do best rate guarantees work, and what are some other ways of saving on revenue stays? How do you use lesser-known OTAs to save big on your holidays? All this will be answered at Hotel Hacks!

Learning objectives:

  • Hotel loyalty programs- should you be loyal to a chain, or an OTA?
  • How to earn status faster though matches, challenges and credit cards
  • How to save big on hotels by buying the right points
  • The best ways of using your hotel points
  • Lesser known hotel rates and programs
  • Opaque booking channels, distressed inventory, auto-rebooking OTAs and other great ways of snagging your hotel stay for less

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Advanced KrisFlyer

Most people can do simple point to point redemptions, but are you aware of the full power of your KrisFlyer miles? Come for Advanced KrisFlyer and learn about how to stretch your miles through partner and round-the-world awards, stopovers, award holds and many other nifty tricks you don’t find on the KrisFlyer website!

Learning Objectives:

  • Know everything there is about partner award sweet spots. Star Alliance, Alaska, Virgin Australia, Vistara- learn the best use case for each partner
  • Plan, construct and book Round the World awards- a unique type of multi-city, multi-carrier award
  • Learn the tricks behind stopovers, and how to use them to stretch your miles
  • Buy yourself more time by creating an award hold without the need for call centre assistance
  • Learn how to construct a mixed-cabin itinerary and how it can come in useful

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Alternative Frequent Flyer Programs

Is there more to life than just KrisFlyer? There certainly is, and in Alternative Frequent Flyer Programs, we’ll explore how you can truly maximize your credit card points by picking the best FFP for your particular situation. Learn the ins and outs of other FFPs, including some tricks and hacks that may be better spoken about in a closed group setting. Learn about Asia Miles, MileagePlus, Mileage Plan, LifeMiles, Miles and Bonus and so many more!

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the best way to earn points in frequent flyer programs other than KrisFlyer
  • Learn what to consider when choosing an alternative frequent flyer program
  • Get access to in-depth tricks and tips galore from other programs, including United Mileageplus’ awesome Excursionist Perk (fair warning: your head will hurt), great value short haul awards with British Airways Avios, a cute little quirk with Aegean Miles and Bonus (hint: how well do you know your Stans?), the multi-carrier award bonanza of Asia Miles, and of course familiar favorites such as LifeMiles, Mileage Plan and many more!
  • Learn which frequent flyer programs are probably not worth your time

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Power Award Searching

It’s possible to find awards just by relying on airline websites, but that’s not necessarily the best way of doing it. Some websites don’t have award calendars, some don’t display all their partners online, some show phantom availability.

That’s where award searching tools come in. If you read Flyertalk or Boardingarea or SQTalk, you’ve no doubt come across names like ExpertFlyer, Award Nexus and KVS. These can be very powerful tools for planning your perfect award trip, but they come with steep learning curves and can be intimidating for first timers. How do they work? What can you do with them? How can they be leveraged to find better awards, faster?

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the need for dedicated award search tools
  • Help you understand the different award search engines and the pros and cons of each
  • Provide a hands-on demonstration and deep dive into the features and usage of tools like KVS, Award Nexus, Award.Flights and ExpertFlyer
  • Illustrate use-cases for each of the tools and how you can integrate them into your trip planning
  • Teach you how to set up automated award searches, filter-driven searches, seat alerts, manually construct awards, and much more

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